Hello world!

Hello, Hello, Hello everyone!!!!

This is my first ever blog, so forgive me, because I honestly do not know what I am doing here. Well, that sentence sums up alot about me because most of the time I don’t know what I am doing. That is pretty good, how many people can write their whole bio in just one sentence, sometimes I even amaze myself. Moving on, this page, blog, or whatever you want to call it is mostly about my creations and adventures. Considering I am not much of an adventurist, it will mostly be about my creations. I recently have ventured out to learn how to sew. I am a stay at home mom, which can also be translated as being stressed out 20 hours out of the day because hopefully on a good day I am asleep the other four.  But anyways that is a whole nother blog. But it was suggested to me that picking up a hobby would be a good stress reliever, and to my suprise it was!!! So here I am Mrs. Busy Little Bumblebee sewing all day long, I must admit I am not very good but then again being good was never the point, trying not to jump off a cliff, yup that sounds more like it. Once again, moving on…. In my last few endeavours I have attempted making tote bags, hand bags, hooter hiders, and diaper wipee cases. All of which to my standards have come out quite good. I have even ventured to sell a few to help pay for my sewing therapy, as I like to call it. Since I am new to blogging I have not figured out how to load pictures, but you can bet you bottom dollar that when I do I will show you all my works of art….Well at least my mom and kids call them works of art…


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