Okinawa World

Okay, we have been on this island for nearly 2 years now and have not seen anything. I know, what a shame. Most of our weekends are spent i the backyard with the hubby lighting the grill, and although that is nice, I need a break. I need to see something new. So I am putting my foot down, I told the hubby that from now on every weekend we are going somewhere new and doing something different. With that being said, because you know my word is finallllll. We ventured off to Okinawa world with some friends. And boy did I wish I was home in the backyard grilling. It was so hot and humid, I was sweating in places you are not suppose to sweat. And you all know that I am a big girl, and big girls don’t like sweating. Moving on, I have got to say though it was very beautiful, hot, but beautiful. The kids had a good time and we got to see some real cool things. They have this underground cave that is 2 miles long, it had some real cool fish and a funky smell but overall very nice. We also got to see some Eisa dancers, I honestly do not know how they can jump around with those big ole drums, but It was nice for us who were sitting down in the shade. My sons favorite part was the picture with the Boa, he didn’t want to give it back, me and chris were a little freaked out as you can tell in the picture. Over all, we had a real good time and it was a good start to our new resolution to get out more and see things.



  1. Harriett Said:

    Hey everybody, we got the card and the beautiful card. You all look adorable and cuddlly. Thank you so much. Mommy & Daddy got theirs and they love theirs to. Take care ya’ll, and enjoy the Holidays.
    With love always,

  2. Harriett Said:

    Sorry, I meant to say beautiful picture. I’m in a rush, there so much things to do and get ready round this time of year.
    Take care.

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