Nursing Cover Tutorial

When I was nursing my daughter I ordered a nursing cover from online, and boy was I disappointed. For one it was way to short, I was always on the verge of exposure. And two, it was very thick material and in this Okinawa heat and humidity my little baby was roasting. So being the smart and intelligent person that I know I am I decided to make my own, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I passed it down to my sister who had twins. So me once again being the smart and intelligent person, and sharing person that I am have decided to do a tutorial for the nursing cover to help other mom’s out. So here is goes….

1. you will need 1 yard of lightweight fabric, quilting fabric works great.

2. 14 inches of plastic boning

3. 2 D-rings

4. duh….matching thread. I almost forgot this one. yup that is all you will need for this wonderful project.


1. Wash, press, and cut fabric.

  • main piece, 39″ x 28″
  • short strap, 7″ x 4″
  • long strap, 30″ x 4″

2. Straps

  • Press the straps in half, right sides facing and sew a 1/4″ seam allowance.


2. Press seam open, then sew 1/4″ seam at one end of both straps, then use a safety pin to turn right side out.


3. Small strap

  • take the small strap and the D-rings.
  • Place the strap through the 2 d-rings and sew snugly across bottom. I sew 2 lines just to reinforce.


and you are done with the straps, for now……

4. taking the main rectangle, fold in 1/4″ on the short side and press.

Fold over 1 more time and press again

then, sew a 1/4″ seam from top to bottom.


now do the other side the same way. Then the bottom, yup you guessed it, the same way.


5. The top

  • Fold the top over 1/2″ and press, then fold over again and press again.
  • Take the boning and place it in the center of the top, under the folds and pin in place. Yes, it is going to bow out abit, do your best, it is almost over.


Next we are going to put the 2 straps in place and get ready to sew.

Standing at the top of the nursing cover you are going to place the small strap with the d-rings on right side. Tuck it in under the fold, close to the boning and then fold it up, pin in place. Do the same for the other strap on the other side of the boning.


Now with everything pinned in place it is time to sew.

Sew across the top, but at the bottom of the fold, if you have the sewable plastic boning don’t worry about sewing over it, that’s what it’s for. If you don’t be careful not to hit it and risk breaking the needle.

Once you finish sewing that line do it again at the other end of the fold.


Yup, you did it, voila!!!! Congratulations you have your very own nursing cover. I told you it wasn’t going to be that hard. This is my very first tutorial and I think the tutorial was harder than making the cover, I hope it helps you and that I did a good job.



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