Dragon Boat Race 2009!!!


WOW! I can not believe we are done. Well we didn’t win, but we didn’t lose either. We beat the Marines but lost to the Navy, I know that really blows. But I had a blast and can’t believe that it is over, what am I going to do every tuesday and thursday now. It was such an honor taking part in something so sacred, I can’t believe I did it. This is going to be an awesome story to tell my kiddos when they get older. Everyone was cheering us on and their was so much enthusiasm that it was hard not to get nervous and all hyped up. All and all I am going to miss all the ladies that took part, you are all great and I am so glad I met you. I am exhausted and going to bed now, but I will leave you with a few more pics. Hopefully if you are in Okinawa you will get a chance to take part in the races.




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