Lose weight or go crazy trying to…..

I am trying to lose a few pounds, ok that is an understatement. I am actually trying to lose a whole person that is attached to my backside. I feel like it is a never ending uphill battle that just happens to be through 10 feet of snow. Now don’t get me wrong I have seen progress, but just not fast enough for me. I like it when I just happen to wake up one morning and bam I am a size 6. You know kind of like when you are pregnant and you wake up one morning and have what feels like the whole planet attached to you stomach. You know what is funny that actually did happen to me, not the getting huge part but the losing it all in one night, only not exactly the way I wanted. Most of you who have kids know what I am talking about. You go into the hostpital a nice size 20, plop out a baby and then wake up the next morning about 5 sizes smaller. See it does happen, I just left out the part about all the sagging skin and railroad tracks running across you tummy. I guess next time I should be more specific when I ask for things. Ok, so let me wake up in the morning 10 sizes smaller, no stretch marks, no saggy skin,  18 year old breast, clear skin, permanently shaved legs and armpits, split-end-less hair, all gray hairs gone, and oh yeah with out morning breath. Seriously people is that really to much to ask for. Moving on, I got a little side tracked. I have been on this working out binge and am starting to feel like nothing is happening. People keep telling me “Toni you are losing weight” but I don’t see it. WHY???? Am I not the only person who matters, why when it is my body and I am the one working my butt of am I the only person who can’t see the results…….. Ok Ok I am going a little crazy, but really who isn’t. With all these diets out there and all these people telling you to do this and do this, what do you do? I feel like I am losing my mind, and all I really want is a big fat piece of chocolate cake with a big scoop of ice cream and a pepsi. Help me to get pass the madness of losing weight. Anybody……….


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