Busy Busy Busy

    Oh my goodness, is all I can say about today. It was ok until about noon, when I got a call from GPTC that there was a slot open for their small business expo tomorrow. Of course, I jumped at it. I tried to reg. for it about a week ago, when I signed up for the 3-day but it was full. They actually didn’t have a slot open up but they made and extra space for me since it was for charity, great people. So, I had to go all the way across town to go fill out the paperwork for the slot, pick up ribbon, shirts, and a table cloth for my booth. By the time I got home it was already 6, luckily the hubby had already started dinner. I love that man.
    I totally forgot about the expo being that they had already told me no, so I didn’t have anywhere near enought stuff to show. So I got the family together and we made it happen. Kids and hubby worked on the signs and ironing the table cloth, hubby made and served dinner too. I went in to bow overload and plugged in my handy dandy glue gun and got to work. I worked on bows from about 7-11, then made tags and priced them. Put together a door prize, and then started on my collection jars. I am usually a pretty crafty person so I have loads of craft crap aroud the house. They came out pretty dam cute, if I say so for myself. Post pics below. I then got busy making some change purses, started going crossed eyed about 1200, so only managed to make about 8 of those. So all in all today was a hectic day, and tomorrow is only going to get busier.
Tomorrow I have to make the shirts, copy the flyers and info letters, business cards, and bee at the expo at noon. It really doesn’t start until 4 but they want us to sign in by 1, I guess so they have time to hunt people down. I figure this is going to be a good opportunity to hit business up for money. I hope I hope I hope it goes well tomorrow.
Ok, so I gotta get some sleep, if I want to atleast be a little presentable tomorrow. so good night all.


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