1 fundraiser down 100 more to go!

Ok Ok, so it’s not much of a table, but I only had 1 day to get everything together. However, for it not being much I got the word out to alot of people and even pulled in some donations. This was at the GPTC small business expo, they were kind enought to give me a slot to raise some funds. Bad part was that is wasn’t exactly the crowd for kid t-shirts and hair bows, but their were alot of businesses that I was able to give packets to and hopefully will get some donations from them. We will see!!!!

I only made $100, but considering I only sold 2 hair bows and 1 t-shirt that was pretty good. The picture above was taken after being on my feet for 3 hours so excuse me for not being to perky, I totally wore the wrong shoes, lesson learned. I did get to meet some really cool people from Gordon’s Landscaping here in Lawton, they had the most beautiful exhibit. They are definitly on my list for when we get our house in the fall, I want my whole yard to look like that, and they are good people too. I always hope that when I do a booth like that that they put me next to the funny people, they make it pass faster.

Well all in all it was really good. Me and Chris went to Lowe’s today and I spoke with the manager and was able to get a real good discount on some supplies to make a lemonade stand. Yup, you guessed it that is my next fundraiser a  lemonade stand. We are going to be doing it at the Medicine Park Red Dirt Ball on Memorial Weekend. I hope it goes well, there is suppose to be alot of people. How I am going to pull this off I do not know, but where there is a will there is a way. Oh I almost forgot, I spoke with the most amazing lady at Medicine Park town hall yesterday, Jane. She really understood why I am doing all of this, and is and amazing person herself. She was very excited about the lemonade stand and offered to help me in any way she can. I really love to meet people who understand what a good cause this is and are willing to help, even w/o being asked.

Just goes to show you never know when you are going to meet a special person who is willing to go the extra yard to help, Thanks Jane.


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