I was starting to question whether I could do this or not. It just seems like so much, the fundraising, the training, the fundraising. I was really thinking about backing out, I guess a big part of it is so many people asking me why are you doing this, 60 miles is alot. One person asked me today, Why would you put yourself through all of that? I couldn’t believe she would ask me that, her being a women, why would you even think to ask a person who has survived cancer that. But me being me, it got me thinking. I came home depressed thinking about what I should do and I was surfing the net and I found these links, and I instantly remembered why I am doing this.

Because I can, I am alive, I am strong. It is going to be hard. There is a chance I won’t make it the whole way. People will tell me NO. It will hurt. But dammit as long as I have breath in my body and as long as my legs can move, I will walk. So for all of you who doubt me, who don’t understand, or who think I am crazy, just stop and think for a second. Everyone can be amazing, it is in it in everyone to do something extrodinary. I do this because people who can’t fight for themselves need someone to fight for them, and I will be that person, for as long as I can I will fight.

Here are some links for those that need help understanding.


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