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The cutiest little dress.


Ha, I did it!!! Amanda and I took a trip to Kokusai on Sunday and I seen some of the cutiest little handmade dresses. Of course, being the cheapskate that I am did not want to pay the 1500 Yen for them. I told her that I was going to go home and try to make it myself, being that I do kind of sew, a little. And here it is… I took my daughters measurements before she went to sleep around 8 p.m. and by golly g george I was done by 9. It took everything I had not to go and wake her up to try it on, but I was stopped by my husband who said that if I woke her I was going to have to stay up with her….. So I didn’t. I think it is the cutiest little summer dress, and I plan to make many more. All I ended up using was about 1/2 yard of fabric and some cute ribbon ans viola you are done. I am so proud of myself!!!! kudos to me!!!!


Yoga, our friend or foe….

So I decided to go to a yoga class, to help me out with my marathon training. To kind of spice it up.  Boy, does it spice it up. My body hurts in places I didn’t know could hurt.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just that it is so different. I have now gone to 3 classes, and my husband went with me to one. It was so funny watching him. He is not the most limber person or graceful as a matter of fact. We still had a lot of fun going together. But I think that he is going to stick to the weight room from now on.

So going to it, I thought, ok so this is going to be interesting. The picture in my head, had me thinking that yoga was just a lot of stretching. Man, was I wrong. By the first 15 minutes of the hour long class I was drenched in sweat. The music was calming, the breathing was incredible, and the instructor was also very relaxing.

I really enjoyed the pace, the instructor made sure that we were all comfortable and no matter what your skill level was you has something to do that was at your level. I never once felt like I did not belong there. Even the people who have been going awhile, were very helpful. Obviously, since I have been back twice since, I do plan on continuing with the class. I think that it is going to help me alot with the 1/2 marathon.

So all and all, Yoga is our friend. As long as, you don’t think about the pain and soreness, I believe you will be alright. The instructor kept telling me, just look at your goal and keep reaching. My goal at the time was just to make it through the class, which I did. So 1st goal accomplished. kuddos to me!!!!

A New Leaf

Not only has it been a while since I last wrote but alot has happened. For one, a whole new year has started, that is a big change. Ok Ok so I have just been lazy, real lazy. In January I started practice for Okinawa’s Dragon Boat Races with the Army Women’s Team. Man, did I bite off mor than I can chew. It is tough and these ladies are hard core, Ihave been practicing for about 2 months now, and it is not getting any easier. It i actually kindof funny, at first I joined because I thought it would be something cool to be part of before we leave the island. But, not only is it definitly cool, but I am losing weight to. Boy did I get lucky!! It is really tough but our practice is at 6 in the evening so well we are killing ourselved rowing we get to look at the most awesomest sunsets. I have got to say Okinawa has the most beautiful sunsets, and believe me I have seen alot of them all over the world. Don’t worry I am going to post a pic, so you can see just how awesome they are. Ok, so I have exhausted my daily limit for using the world awesom. Our actual race is on May 5th and I can’t wait. It’s a really big thing over here, the Japanese nationals take off the whole week for the race and have a couple of festivals too. I am honored to be a part of it, even though I feel like quiting every day. Enough about that, here is the picture of us practicing. The picture was taken at Kadena Marina in Okinawa, Japan.


Is that picture not the coolest thing. We were on a dock and it was probably our 3rd or 4th practice. Here is another picture of us rowing.


Well all that is it for today, got to get some rest.

Until tomorrow my dears…

Halloween 2008


Here is my baby Bella at the 1/1 boofest this year. Yes, I made her costume myself and I love it. She was so cute. I was so surprised that she actually kept her costume on the whole time. I tried to make is as comfortable as possible, I guess I succeeded. The handsome little man next to her is lil desmond. He was born 2 days after my bella. They don’t see eachother to often but when they do they always try and eat eachother. They are so cute together, I think he was a little pimp bug or something, regardless he is a little cutie. He is the kind of kid you just want to squeeze. Well moving on, below is my son Elijah, or Iron man, I was surprised he stood still long enough for me to get a picture he is with his little girlfriend bat girl. well got to go now.dsc_0538

My little superhero!!!!

I am so proud of my work here. I found this pattern for a superhero cape at Puking Pastilles blog a while ago, and honestly do not know why it took me so long to make it. My son loves it. I made it today while he was down for his nap and when he woke up, I can’t even begin to explain his smile, easily from ear to ear. It has been about 5 hours now and has not came off of him, I had to fight with him to get it off to take a bath, I have got to say though I almost lost that battle. He just looks so cute in it. We decided to take a family walk down the street earlier and of course he wore his new cape and already 2 neighbors have asked me to make their sons one. I think our neighborhood is going to be well protected with superheros. I just want to give a shout out to Puking Pastilles and say what a great tutorial and am so glad I found you.


I have no idea, where we were when this picture was taken but I think this sums up my marriage. He is always making me laugh, he just says the stupidist things. That connection from his brain to his mouth is unfiltered and I love it. I am a more censored person, so he being my better half always says what’s on my mind. I love it so much because he gets in trouble and I get a good laugh. My life would be so boring without him or so I like to tell him that. He says that I am the funny one but I like to think of us a a duo, one can not work without the other. Speaking of the other, I hear him coming up stairs and I lied and said I was cleaning, I figured if I told him that he would not come up in order to avoid helping, the things we do to get 10 minutes alone.