I was looking through my computer at all the pictures I have, and boy, well that is all I have to say about the amount. Moving on, I came across these pictures of my at my Karate class. Soon after getting to the island, I thought how can I be in Japan for 3 years and not learn Karate a couple of days later I seen my neighbor leaving her house in a white gi. I ran over and talked to her about it and soon after I was in an all woman’s karate class every tuesday and thursday. This class was awesome, I say was because I am not currently going due to my dislocated knee. Which by the way is better now, I am just scared to go back. But anyways, the school is called Nix dojo and is taught my ron  and akiyemi nix, both awesome people who can kick your butt with thier pinkies. But what is so amazing about this class is that is a woman’s class that teaches self defense, it is a real close nit group so it really does feel like family. It took me awhile to warm up to them, on accounts I was afraid that someone was going to beat me up. I really learned alot and will get to take something from Okinawa and keep it with me forever. Anyways, here are a few pics of me doing my thing. These pics are actually from my testing for yellow belt, which I made.




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  1. treasureann Said:

    Wow, you look great in your karate class. It inspires me to try to do something like that. We’ll see.

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