Nursing Cover Tutorial

When I was nursing my daughter I ordered a nursing cover from online, and boy was I disappointed. For one it was way to short, I was always on the verge of exposure. And two, it was very thick material and in this Okinawa heat and humidity my little baby was roasting. So being the smart and intelligent person that I know I am I decided to make my own, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I passed it down to my sister who had twins. So me once again being the smart and intelligent person, and sharing person that I am have decided to do a tutorial for the nursing cover to help other mom’s out. So here is goes….

1. you will need 1 yard of lightweight fabric, quilting fabric works great.

2. 14 inches of plastic boning

3. 2 D-rings

4. duh….matching thread. I almost forgot this one. yup that is all you will need for this wonderful project.


1. Wash, press, and cut fabric.

  • main piece, 39″ x 28″
  • short strap, 7″ x 4″
  • long strap, 30″ x 4″

2. Straps

  • Press the straps in half, right sides facing and sew a 1/4″ seam allowance.


2. Press seam open, then sew 1/4″ seam at one end of both straps, then use a safety pin to turn right side out.


3. Small strap

  • take the small strap and the D-rings.
  • Place the strap through the 2 d-rings and sew snugly across bottom. I sew 2 lines just to reinforce.


and you are done with the straps, for now……

4. taking the main rectangle, fold in 1/4″ on the short side and press.

Fold over 1 more time and press again

then, sew a 1/4″ seam from top to bottom.


now do the other side the same way. Then the bottom, yup you guessed it, the same way.


5. The top

  • Fold the top over 1/2″ and press, then fold over again and press again.
  • Take the boning and place it in the center of the top, under the folds and pin in place. Yes, it is going to bow out abit, do your best, it is almost over.


Next we are going to put the 2 straps in place and get ready to sew.

Standing at the top of the nursing cover you are going to place the small strap with the d-rings on right side. Tuck it in under the fold, close to the boning and then fold it up, pin in place. Do the same for the other strap on the other side of the boning.


Now with everything pinned in place it is time to sew.

Sew across the top, but at the bottom of the fold, if you have the sewable plastic boning don’t worry about sewing over it, that’s what it’s for. If you don’t be careful not to hit it and risk breaking the needle.

Once you finish sewing that line do it again at the other end of the fold.


Yup, you did it, voila!!!! Congratulations you have your very own nursing cover. I told you it wasn’t going to be that hard. This is my very first tutorial and I think the tutorial was harder than making the cover, I hope it helps you and that I did a good job.



The cutiest little dress.


Ha, I did it!!! Amanda and I took a trip to Kokusai on Sunday and I seen some of the cutiest little handmade dresses. Of course, being the cheapskate that I am did not want to pay the 1500 Yen for them. I told her that I was going to go home and try to make it myself, being that I do kind of sew, a little. And here it is… I took my daughters measurements before she went to sleep around 8 p.m. and by golly g george I was done by 9. It took everything I had not to go and wake her up to try it on, but I was stopped by my husband who said that if I woke her I was going to have to stay up with her….. So I didn’t. I think it is the cutiest little summer dress, and I plan to make many more. All I ended up using was about 1/2 yard of fabric and some cute ribbon ans viola you are done. I am so proud of myself!!!! kudos to me!!!!

Army Women’s Dragon Boat Team


WOW, that is all I have to say. I have been on the team for about 3 months now and our race is May 5th. We finally got to actually practice on a boat this past saturday and it was amazing. I was so excited to be part of something here on Okinawa that has been going on for hundreds of years, until about an hour into practice, when I felt like I was going to puke and felt pain in my entire body. The girls were motivated and we did awesome. The picture above are our race boats, they fit 32 rowers and 3 coaches. I just think this is so cool, it makes me feel like I am part of something bigger, and yes these boats are huge. We are a good team and the girls really support eachother, I have made some great friends and have gotten to see and do things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. So with that being said, GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!!!!!


Yoga, our friend or foe….

So I decided to go to a yoga class, to help me out with my marathon training. To kind of spice it up.  Boy, does it spice it up. My body hurts in places I didn’t know could hurt.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just that it is so different. I have now gone to 3 classes, and my husband went with me to one. It was so funny watching him. He is not the most limber person or graceful as a matter of fact. We still had a lot of fun going together. But I think that he is going to stick to the weight room from now on.

So going to it, I thought, ok so this is going to be interesting. The picture in my head, had me thinking that yoga was just a lot of stretching. Man, was I wrong. By the first 15 minutes of the hour long class I was drenched in sweat. The music was calming, the breathing was incredible, and the instructor was also very relaxing.

I really enjoyed the pace, the instructor made sure that we were all comfortable and no matter what your skill level was you has something to do that was at your level. I never once felt like I did not belong there. Even the people who have been going awhile, were very helpful. Obviously, since I have been back twice since, I do plan on continuing with the class. I think that it is going to help me alot with the 1/2 marathon.

So all and all, Yoga is our friend. As long as, you don’t think about the pain and soreness, I believe you will be alright. The instructor kept telling me, just look at your goal and keep reaching. My goal at the time was just to make it through the class, which I did. So 1st goal accomplished. kuddos to me!!!!

Just my luck!!!

I believe that I have the worst luck in the world. My daughter ran out of wipes yesterday, so I got in the car and was going to run down to the store to pick some up. I was almost there jamming to my music, when out of know where, BAM, some butthead hits me.

yes, I am not lying… I was going through an intersection, yes, I had the green light and that butthole decided not to stop and rammed right into the back of my van. I wasn’t even expecting it. Well, that was stupid, who ever expects to get hit by a car.

Don’t worry I am ok. I had to wear one of those aweful neck braces for a little while, but all is well. Just a massive headache. I was very lucky, even luckier that I was driving my big mamma van, the other car basicly bounced right off of me. I know that he was the one who ran the red light, but I kind of feel sorry for him. He was just 18 and has only been on the Island for 2 weeks.

You know what is crazy though. here on Okinawa the nationals are crazy drivers. Red lights are just a suggestion, they never turn on their lights, or use their turn signals, and are always on their cell phones, not to mention that seatbelts are not mandatory so children are always all over the car jumping around. But my point is that I have been here almost 3 years and have not managed to even get so much as a speeding ticket yet, alone in an accident. Now 3 months before I leave I get hit by an american. What luck!!!

Well all that is it for now, I need to get some rest and my head is killing me.

A New Leaf

Not only has it been a while since I last wrote but alot has happened. For one, a whole new year has started, that is a big change. Ok Ok so I have just been lazy, real lazy. In January I started practice for Okinawa’s Dragon Boat Races with the Army Women’s Team. Man, did I bite off mor than I can chew. It is tough and these ladies are hard core, Ihave been practicing for about 2 months now, and it is not getting any easier. It i actually kindof funny, at first I joined because I thought it would be something cool to be part of before we leave the island. But, not only is it definitly cool, but I am losing weight to. Boy did I get lucky!! It is really tough but our practice is at 6 in the evening so well we are killing ourselved rowing we get to look at the most awesomest sunsets. I have got to say Okinawa has the most beautiful sunsets, and believe me I have seen alot of them all over the world. Don’t worry I am going to post a pic, so you can see just how awesome they are. Ok, so I have exhausted my daily limit for using the world awesom. Our actual race is on May 5th and I can’t wait. It’s a really big thing over here, the Japanese nationals take off the whole week for the race and have a couple of festivals too. I am honored to be a part of it, even though I feel like quiting every day. Enough about that, here is the picture of us practicing. The picture was taken at Kadena Marina in Okinawa, Japan.


Is that picture not the coolest thing. We were on a dock and it was probably our 3rd or 4th practice. Here is another picture of us rowing.


Well all that is it for today, got to get some rest.

Until tomorrow my dears…

My Forest Adventure

Wow!!! It has definitly been awhile since my last post, so sorry. but I have definitly been busy. So busy that my and my husband have decided to start a date night to be able to get away and remember that we are still married and don’t just live in the same house together. With that being said, our first date was to The Forest Adventure Park here on Okinawa. It was awesome and we both had so much fun. For those of you that don’t live here on the island, it is exactly what the name says, an adventure park. Rope bridges, zip tieing, propelling, and a whole lot of climbing, and for those of you that know me you know that I am a big girl so climbing and flying through the air 60 feet up is big for me. Geeze, what happen to the simple dinner and a movie now we have to resort to flying across a forest to keep our marriage alive. I think my husband took me saying, lets make our marriage interesting to literal. It was fun none the less. It took us about 4 hours to get through teh whole park and I screamed and laughed so hard I nearly we my pants. Overall, I give it 4 thumbs up and had a great time with my hubby and can’t wait for our next date, hopefully with both feet on the ground. Here are a few pics of me flying….. csc_0434

Here is Chris showing off, I took the easy bridge to the left.



Ok, I am currently working on  a tutorial for my totes. They are pretty easy to make, which is more than I can say for the tutorial, but be patient and is will be here soon. Sorry so short, but I got alot to do today so laters for now.

Halloween 2008


Here is my baby Bella at the 1/1 boofest this year. Yes, I made her costume myself and I love it. She was so cute. I was so surprised that she actually kept her costume on the whole time. I tried to make is as comfortable as possible, I guess I succeeded. The handsome little man next to her is lil desmond. He was born 2 days after my bella. They don’t see eachother to often but when they do they always try and eat eachother. They are so cute together, I think he was a little pimp bug or something, regardless he is a little cutie. He is the kind of kid you just want to squeeze. Well moving on, below is my son Elijah, or Iron man, I was surprised he stood still long enough for me to get a picture he is with his little girlfriend bat girl. well got to go now.dsc_0538

It’s been awhile.

ok, ok, it has been awhile since my last blog, I am sorry. So much has been going on. First I found out a very very close friend of mine has cancer, so I had to make a trip back to the states to see that she was ok and to be there for her as she took the first steps in a long battle. I got to spend 3 wonderful weeks with her and be there for her first surgery and start chemo with her. I also got to spend alot of time with my family which after 2 years was well needed. we did the usual things that people do when they have been overseas for a while and get to go back to the states, charge, charge, charge. It is ok, though we are paying for it now, and boy do I mean paying for it. We got back about 3 weeks ago and have just not had the time to get to the computer with work and all. YOu all know the drill. But I am back now and it wasn’t but 2 weeks before I got a big purse order, thank you Chris. She was kind enough to order 6 bags from me. She has just paid for my daughter’s bday party. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

So far I have finished 2, I haven’t taken pictures but will shortly. They are looking mighty nice if I say so for myself, but since I am the one making them what else would I say. lololol. Let’s see what else has been going on, well, not really to much my life has been pretty boring. So with that being said I will go and make some stuff happen and get back to you…….

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